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Who are we | Quienes somos

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Revive Us Ministries 

During the last 8 years we have come together in church and culture to seek the Lord as one people, this year we are preparing for a great move of the Holy Spirit not only on the 26th of August in Passaic, New Jersey but also in the month of April where for the first time we will be in the state of Massachusetts. Avivanos (New England Edition) will be held at 54 East Haverhill, MA 01841 on Saturday, April 22, 2023, at 5:30 pm. We ask all those who plan to attend to register at no cost here at

Durante los últimos 8 años nos unimos en iglesia y cultura para buscar a el Señor como un solo pueblo, este año nos estamos preparando para un gran mover de el  Espíritu Santo no solamente el 26 de Agosto pero también en el mes de abril donde por primera vez estaremos en el estado de Massachusetts. Avivanos (Edición de Nueva Inglaterra) se llevará acabo en 54 East Haverhill, MA 01841 el Sábado 22 de Abril, 2023 a las 5:30 pm. Les pedimos a todos aquellos que planean asistir que se registren sin ningún costo aquí por



Our mission for Revive Us kids is to sow a seed on to the next generation. Where children from all over can come together to seek God and seek a much-needed revival for the church as a whole. We believe that the younger they know the word of God, they won’t depart from it later on.

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